From January 30th 2018

Breathing, hatha yoga postures, mudras and yoga nidra (relaxation)

for the balancing of the mind, body and soul.



Mevagissey Activity Centre,Valley Road, Mevagissey, PL26 6SA    


Shivaratri is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva in order to overcome darkness and ignorance in life and in the world. This festival honours Lord Shiva with prayer, fasting, yoga, tapas, deep meditation, following the Yama and Niyamas of life.In India they observe the jaagaran, the all night vigil and prayers.


On Wednesday 14th February and Thursday 15th February there will be fire pujas dedicated to Lord Shiva during the day.


Please book at least 24 hours in advance


Please email the office to book a distant healing for yourself or for your friends and family. For more information please click on "Healing Clinic, Consultations & Workshops" in the left-hand menu, and then on the "Sound Healing / Distant Healing" page.