We look forward to a memorable retreat weekend with our Beloved Guru Kriyaji


Kriyaji has always said that Pranayama is the fastest method to achieve some level of purification and Self-realisation, as it clears the subtle channels, focuses the concentration, and removes karma.  Extending and regulating the breath is a key to expanding consciousness. The breath is the bridge connecting the physical body with the spiritual bodies. The breath is our liberation. A regular practice will also bring benefits of calmness, clarity of mind and contentment.


In this class, you will be taught some preliminary physical exercises, and then the Pranayama practice. The session will continue after short breaks to include parts 2 and 3, for those who have already been initiated.



This session is devoted to questions from participants. In the past, there have been questions on reincarnation, the soul, relationships and Kriyaji is open to any subject being discussed. The word ‘Satsang’ means the gathering together of like-minded students in the presence of an embodiment of Truth.


The session can take any form - spontaneous teaching, expounding sacred scripture, a yoga text or a dialogue between teacher and student stimulated by questions from students. The Satsang often finishes with a silent or guided meditation.



This workshop is part of regular teachings on the subject of 'Hrudaya'. Hrudaya means 'Heart' in Sanskrit. In the West, we think of the heart as the seat of the emotions and the head as the seat of the mind. But in other cultures, the heart is also the seat of Intelligence. Hrudaya has also the meaning of the 'Heart of God' and it is this aspect that will lead this transformational work. The Ego cannot be overcome with the mind (Ego equals Mind) but through the heart. In this teaching, one becomes aware of the genetic, social and psychological conditioning that creates the 'I'. It is necessary to observe attachments with the intelligence of the heart. Using mantra, yantra, meditation and 'swadhay' (self-analysis), the entity we call 'I' is unraveled.  Negative conditioning is dissolved and wiped out.




Vaastu Hrudaya is the art of energetically correcting ones house, building, property or room.


Many students have participated in the Hrudaya Process but the application of Hrudaya Principles to Vaastu is a new departure in Kriyaji’s Teachings. The Teaching of Vaastu is possibly the most direct way to influence your life for the better, as it helps it to flow in sympathy with the five elements rather than struggling against them.


How houses or buildings are constructed determines whether the outcome for those living in them is positive or negative. By following the rules and guidelines of Vaastu Hrudaya it is possible improve our living and work environments. 


Vaastu is applied as much to the largest measurements involved in building construction as to the smallest organisation of individual rooms within the house. Even by moving furniture and rearranging other belongings it is possible to improve our quality of life. The most developed and enlightened saint cannot succeed against the elements of Vaastu.


If you wish to understand and learn more about Vaastu you are welcome to come to this beginners’ class. The Hrudaya yantras and mantras are practised as well as an examination of karma.



What to bring:


A compass, ruler, pen, pencil, rubber, drawing paper and notebook.



Kriyaji is a qualified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Stress Consultant as well as yoga teacher. People come to Her with a large spectrum of ailments - physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.


Kriyaji uses the healing technique best suited to the client but without any physical contact. Being in Kriyaji's presence is enough to begin the healing process. The session may also be used for a consultation or guidance on spiritual practice.


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To reach Devon, and to be as close as possible to the Event venue, you can fly to Bristol International Airport or take the train to Tiverton Parkway.


If you wish to share the cost of the group vehicle organised for this event we can pick you up when you arrive in Devon, take you to your accommodation and drive you to the workshops each day. 


There are a limited number of spaces available to drive to London by car on the afternoon of Sunday 8th July. If you would like to book a space please let us know as soon as possible - spaces will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Information about the retreat, as well as accommodation options and transport will be provided via email to all who request information to attend the Summer Workshops with Kriyaji. 


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