Kriyaji is a Self-Realised Yogi and Avatara.

She is the living embodiment of the Great Teachings and an Enlightened Master. The only way to catch a glimpse of Her consciousness is to be in Her Presence and feel the effect that occurs within you.




"We will be like the 'Rainbow Children of God,'

Shining the crystalline emblem of love

Throughout Creation."


~ Kriyaji 

 A glimpse taken from the LIVE TEACHING OF SHAMBHALA in 2011





From the Great Teachings of the Divine Heart, the Hrudaya Teaching manifests in this world through the heart emanation of a Divine Being, Kriyaji, who is the continuation of the embodiment of the Great Teachings. She is the living manifestation of the essence of the True Teaching originally given by Lord Jesus and the Omnipotent.


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