Kriyaji is a Self-Realised Yogi and Avatara.

She is the living embodiment of the Great Teachings and an Enlightened Master. The only way to catch a glimpse of Her consciousness is to be in Her Presence and feel the effect that occurs within you.


"We will be like the 'Rainbow Children of God,'

Shining the crystalline emblem of love

Throughout Creation."


~ Kriyaji 

 A glimpse taken from the LIVE TEACHING OF SHAMBHALA in 2011




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Hrudaya Teachings with Kriyaji

7pm - 9pm Tuesday 26th July 2016

Nithya Nilayam, UK

Japa Meditation with Kriyaji

7pm - 9pm Thursday 28th July 2016

Nithya Nilayam, UK

"The retreat in Cornwall with Kriyaji in early June was a tremendous blessing of Light and Love. On the first day we spent the morning in the beautiful Trelissick Gardens. We were then met by Kriyaji for a glorious and remarkable Light of Shambhala Teaching.


Our study and meditation with Kriyaji was so deep and peaceful, we left that lovely space with such well-being in our hearts and with valuable tools for spiritual ascension.


On the second day we went on an adventure to the Eden Project, which we explored for several hours before being picked up to be taken to Carlyon Bay Hotel where the afternoon Pranayama Workshop was held with Kriyaji. Due to the level of previous study of the participants, Kriyaji was able to share the part 3 and 4 of the Pranayama Level 1 teachings. We left feeling empowered to succeed in this profound breathing technique, the quintessence of Yoga Practice.


On the final day of the retreat we spent the morning in a deeply moving and uplifting spiritual study of Kriyaji's Teachings on Creating a Personal Power Spot. The room lifted with the Spiritual Energy of Kriyaji Teaching as well as the meditations that She shared and guided us in using. We left the morning with precise tools and guidance on how to manifest these spaces in our personal lives for the benefit of our spiritual growth, healing, protection and purification.


In the evening a few of us who were able to stay on at the retreat had the Divine Blessing of Kriyaji leading a guided mudra and crystal meditation - invaluable gifts given with such Great Love and Higher Wisdom for our total well-being.


We were so touched by the experience of this thoroughly well-organised, nourishing and beautiful retreat in Cornwall with Kriyaji, that some of us immediately wished to arrange another visit."


~ Mithila - student & devotee