Kriyaji is a Self-Realised Yogi and Avatara.

She is the living embodiment of the Great Teachings and an Enlightened Master. The only way to catch a glimpse of Her consciousness is to be in Her Presence and feel the effect that occurs within you.




"We will be like the 'Rainbow Children of God,'

Shining the crystalline emblem of love

Throughout Creation."


~ Kriyaji 

 A glimpse taken from the LIVE TEACHING OF SHAMBHALA in 2011



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Friday 30th December 2016 - Sunday 1st January 2017

Friday 30th December 2016
3pm - 6pm
Healing Clinic

7pm - 8.30pm Satsang/Meditation

Saturday 31st December 2016 (New Year's Eve)
4pm - 7pm
Pranayama Level 2
Introducing Nadi Shodhana (3)

Sunday 1st January 2017 (New Year's Day)
3pm - 6pm
Hrudaya Teaching & Meditation

The Pranayama and Hrudaya Teachings are not repeats of the same teaching but are incremental and so it is suggested that all three sessions in October, November and December/January are attended.



Friday 4th - Monday 7th November 2016

Please click on the links to register for the Kriyaji Visits Gothenburg
events by Tuesday 4th October, or please contact
for registration details and further information.
Thank you.

Pranayama Workshop Part 2 and 3 with Kriyaji 
5pm - 8pm Friday 4th November 2016
This class is open to all students who previously attended
Pranayama Part 1 and/or Part 2 with Kriyaji

Hrudaya Teachings with Kriyaji 
10.30am - 1.30pm Saturday 5th November 2016
This session with Kriyaji uses mantra, yantra, meditation and 'swadhay' (self-analysis) to help us see who we are and transform our lives. Open to all.

Rosary Prayer Workshop with Kriyaji
10.30am - 1.30pm Sunday 6th November 2016
This session explores the power of the Rosary and the peace, inner strength and profound silence that regular practice can bring. Open to all.

GraphoArtista Spiritual Art Exhibition day
Monday 7th November 2016
11am - 2pm daytime visiting hours
5pm - 8pm evening visiting hours
Kriyaji is an artist in every sense of the word, uniquely gifted as a musician, singer, healer, yoga master, divine teacher and painter. This exhibition showcases Her paintings, drawings, writings in graphic art, watercolour, Egyptian papyrus and ink work, dry brush art work, Light Language Parchments of Light, general and personalised yantra drawings, acrylic art on canvas/paper and more.

Works are also available for purchase.