Kriyaji is an enlightened and Self-Realised Divine being. 
A yogi and a master. A teacher of bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga. 


Guru Purnima main day 24th July 2021

Guru Purnima will be celebrated in Nithya Nilayam until the end of the month.


What is Guru Purnima? 


"Celebration of the Teachings and of the Guru. Special time of the year where the Light of Understanding and Light of knowledge merges with the Light of Awareness giving life to the possibility of Realization and Self-realization.


 ....we bow to Yoga and the giver of such Teachings. Teaching, guru and Sat-guru are nothing but the messengers of evolution, the freedom from the state of maya and the bridge to God. To have a Sat-guru, to give teaching is like the Sun that shine divinity that the human mind cannot at times even imagine.” 

~ Kriyaji  


"I Am the Light of Soul that shine the Jewel Divine 

the I Am That I Am.”

~ Kriyaji



Kriyaji is the Great Teacher come to guide us all towards Truth, Simplicity, Love, purification, and higher consciousness. She is the manifested Divine Guru, the Teacher of Truth, the SatPurusha, for souls seeking a path through the forest of entanglements and lower consciousness to the horizon of Light and Union beyond.



Murtis of God reside in the private Temple garden of Nithya Nilayam. Age, weather, condition, and materials have contributed to many small wooden temples decaying over the past couple of years. As a result of this Nithya Nilayam is undergoing a huge clearing and refurbishment.


There is a new murti (statue) of Hanuman arriving at Nithya Nilayam. His original temple structure has fallen apart and needs to be rebuilt. If anyone wishes to contribute towards Hanuman’s temple materials or Murti please donate here.