Kriyaji is a Self-Realised Yogi,

and the living embodiment of the Great Teachings and an Enlightened Master.

The only way to catch a glimpse of Her consciousness is to be in Her Presence and feel the effect that occurs within you.




Please join us at Nithya Nilayam for celebrations, Teachings and pujas.


“Everyone needs a guru whatever the epoch, we always need a teacher. Wisdom is all-pervading." It simply depends on "how open we are to be able to access it, through spontaneity.” 

~ Kriyaji


What is Guru Purnima? 


"Celebration of the Teachings and of the Guru. Special time of the year where the Light of Understanding and Light of knowledge merges with the Light of Awareness giving life to the possibility of Realization and Self-realization.


 ....we bow to Yoga and the giver of such Teachings. Teaching, guru and Sat-guru are nothing but the messengers of evolution, the freedom from the state of maya and the bridge to God. To have a Sat-guru, to give teaching is like the Sun that shine divinity that the human mind cannot at times even imagine.” 

~ Kriyaji  


"I Am the Light of Soul that shine the Jewel Divine 

the I Am That I Am.”

~ Kriyaji



Bhajans and pujas will be performed throughout the day.

Evening bhajans, blessings and Satsang will begin at 7pm. 


Fee: £ donation

Saucha is part of the yogic cleansing and purifying practices.

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras "Saucha" is the first of the niyamas, the active observances.


Through cleanliness and purity of body and mind, there is a spontaneous movement towards the Divine. To quote an old English proverb, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Cleanliness in this context means more than being physically hygienic, although this cannot be rated highly enough, but also clean in mind and intention. This is more difficult to accomplish...


Saucha also refers to a little understood part of daily life - that of spiritual hygiene - how do I clean what I cannot even see or feel? These are wonderful teachings from Kriyaji elucidating the dharma, sadhana and the do’s and dont’s of Yoga.


Fee: £60 (including PayPal fee £63.50)


This workshop is a continuation of the Teachings on the subject of ‘Hrudaya.’ We will focus on the Hrudaya yantras and mantras as part of the Hrudaya Full Moon Process. 


Hrudaya means 'Heart' in Sanskrit. In the West, we think of the heart as the seat of the emotions and the head as the seat of the mind. But in other cultures, the heart is also the seat of Intelligence. This is the case here. Hrudaya has also the meaning of the 'Heart of God' and it is this aspect that will lead the transformational aspects of the work. The Ego cannot be tackled with the mind (Ego equals Mind) but through the heart. In this teaching, one becomes aware of the genetic, social and psychological conditioning that creates the 'I'. It is necessary to observe attachments with the intelligence of the heart. Using mantra, yantra, meditation and 'swadhay' (self-analysis), the entity we call 'I' is unraveled.  Negative conditioning is dissolved and wiped out.


Fee: £60 (including PayPal fee £63.50)


"Karma; that’s the law, what you do will come back to you. Do good, good will come back to you. Do bad, bad will eventually come back to you - maybe not straight away but eventually. It will hit you, touch you in one way or the other. Karma, its something we need to be aware of… the moment you start engaging yourself with other people, with the world, or you just move (mind or body)…that action of movement has created some work to do… The moment we move, the moment we take an action, we move our physical body, we are entering karma… we are entering the cycle of movement - the cycle of death and rebirth.”

~ Kriyaji


Kriyaji will teach us about karma, what it is, how it is created as well as the forms and ramifications of karmic actions. This workshop will teach us how to understand and deal with our own karma.


Fee: £90 (including PayPal fee £95)

Kriyaji is a qualified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Stress Consultant as well as Yoga Teacher. People come to Her with a large spectrum of ailments – physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual. Her healing is non-touch and lasts usually about 30 minutes.


For pricing please see the Healing Clinic menu. Concessions are available, please do let the Office know if you are unable to afford the healing and we'll see what might be possible.


If you are unable to make this time slot and would still like a healing, please email the Office to see if another time might be free.