Kriyaji is an enlightened and Self-Realised Divine being. 
A yogi and a master. A teacher of bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga. 


7pm-8pm, Sunday 9th October 2022


Please sign up by 3.00pm on the day of the Teaching.

The Hrudaya Teaching incorporates profound spiritual sadhana, observation, yogic practices, mantra, meditation, drawing of yantras and advanced theory on karma, karma yoga and the overall understanding of Yoga and God.


The Hrudaya process puts into order all aspects of human behaviour. Light is shone over the understanding of true spirituality, as well as the purification of emotion and all elements of the human condition, and its expression in our day-to-day behaviour.


The process is nothing less than a total breakthrough of Divine consciousness into daily life.

The Hrudaya Teaching is a complete educational program.

Please email the office to book your place.


When booking for online Teachings please send us:

1. the name and email address of the person attending the Teaching  

2. the name and email address of the person paying for the Teaching

3. the Zoom name and the names of the people sharing the Zoom screen

4. please write the name(s) in English and as appropriate in your local language/alphabet e.g. Greek


Please use the below link to pay for the class.

Hrudaya Teachings

A concession price is available (in the above drop-down menu) for those who are out of work and/or in a severe financial situation. This is for sincere seekers who still wish to participate in the Teachings and are struggling to pay for the classes. Please email the Office if you need a concession.



Murtis of God reside in the private Temple garden of Nithya Nilayam. Age, weather, condition, and materials have contributed to many small wooden temples decaying over the past couple of years. As a result of this Nithya Nilayam is undergoing a huge clearing and refurbishment.


The new murti (statue) of Hanuman arrived at Nithya Nilayam. His original temple structure has fallen apart and is currently being rebuilt. If anyone wishes to contribute towards Hanuman’s temple materials please donate here.