Kriyaji is an enlightened and Self-Realised Divine being. 
A yogi and a master. A teacher of bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga. 

  "In simplicity lies the sense of reason."



Kriyaji’s yantras are exquisite energetic handmade yantras

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Idharl Paradiso Album that you are familiar with as the Earth Star Album.

Now re-released with new track and video content.


Devotional chants in ancient sacred languages dedicated to this planet.

“Idharl Paradiso” means “Paradise is Life.”


Idharl Paradiso exudes the energy of Life and cultivates the Chi that gives life.

The music is inspirational and revitalising to the soul and the body.


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''I just started listening to this - and was quickly and deeply drawn into meditation. The images are inspiring and expansive for the soul if you can keep your eyes open long enough to watch the video, which I found hard due to the meditative effect!''

~ student






   I adorn you with the Gifts of Life,

   I light a candle to the Hridaya of Life,

   I move within the Paradise on Earth,

   I live Nithya Nilayam everyday

   I dwell in the Jewel of the Heavens

   I AM the Bhakti of Life, the Bhakti Hridaya I AM!


  ~ Kriyaji