Bhajans and pujas will be performed throughout the day.

Evening bhajans, blessings and Satsang will begin at 7pm.


By Donation.



From the regions of Light a star emerged so brilliant in this world, beyond words, so pure and powerful that it took home in Shambhala. His name is the Immortal Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, our planetary logos. Sanat Kumaras teachings are continued here by Kriyaji. It is a great and rare blessing that these teachings come to us. Particular practical teachings have been selected for protection, psychic self-defence, realignment, grounding and spiritual evolution. 


COST: £90 (concession available)


Please contact the Office for more information and/or to book your place.


"The Surya Mandala Collection" is an example of Kriyaji's artwork

featuring a series of mandalas connected to Surya - the Sun.


The images have been made into the below short film and the

individual images are available to buy as prints.





The Surya Mandala Collection film was created from "The Surya Mandala Collection" digital art images by Kriyaji. This film was created by the disciples of Kriyaji, February 2019.


Music by Kriyaji:

'Helios the Sun' from the album “Meeting Celestials”


Copyright 2019, Kriyaji (

All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised reproduction is prohibited.



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