“We will become like a Sun

 Emanating the glory of perfection from within,

 Dissolving the shadow of the mind,

 The shadow of the heart

 And the shadow of the womb.

 We will be like the ‘Rainbow Children of God’,

 Shining the crystalline emblem of love

 Throughout Creation.

 Our language will be that of the sky,

 That of nature

 and that of the essence of love,

 A voice that is of indescribable

 inner beauty and life.

 We will have a life filled with the jewel of spirituality.”





COST: £35 (concessions available)

If you would like to book a distant sound healing from Kriyaji for yourself or your loved ones, friends and family on Saturday 7th September please email the Office. Please send payment via the payment page in the left-hand menu.


"It (sound) is a multidimensional language, which moves through the dimensions as living intelligence capable of transforming and bringing about life by consuming disharmony and the aesthetic of darkness by freeing up light particles."


~ Kriyaji


   “Peace is such a precious gift, a gift that comes from the centre of the illuminated heart and mind obtained by the soul that loves, that prays and that knows how to give and forgive. Forgiveness is the ideal virtue that reduces stress and fights between people, between countries. When we forgive we open up to a new dimension – the dimension of love. In this Kali Yuga suffering and sickness are now rising together with worldly disasters causing lack of peace in peoples’ hearts, minds and souls. Therefore the world suffers and forgets how to love.


The lower emotions in people are the cause of the development of certain actions and events in the world, causing negative karmic actions. Possessiveness, lack of forgiveness, lack of generosity are all lower emotions that contribute towards  the world becoming more domineering and therefore engrossed in the worldly paranoid illusion. Therefore the lack of spiritual and emotional education leads to misbehaviour in the world.


All of these lower emotions are the cause of individual stress and worldly stress. Sometimes we feel stressed and we don’t know why, but stress is and can be manifested by people’s negative thinking and emotions, also known as the production of karma.


With sound healing this intense worldly stress is lifted and negative energy is purified. It assists in reducing the lower emotions which are likely to cause fights amongst people bringing everyone into a state of harmony, love, peace and balance.”


~ Kriyaji



"The Surya Mandala Collection" is an example of Kriyaji's artwork

featuring a series of mandalas connected to Surya - the Sun.


The images have been made into the below short film and the

individual images are available to buy as prints.





The Surya Mandala Collection film was created from "The Surya Mandala Collection" digital art images by Kriyaji. This film was created by the disciples of Kriyaji, February 2019.


Music by Kriyaji:

'Helios the Sun' from the album “Meeting Celestials”


Copyright 2019, Kriyaji (www.kriyaji.com).

All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised reproduction is prohibited.



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