It has been a year since the Golden Eye Lingam manifested under Kriyaji's seat. 


The Golden Eye Lingam manifested on the New Moon (mini Shivaratri) in November 2018. The Lingam has a golden open eye - this signifies the Single Golden Eye of God watching the movement and the scenario of this world. A symbol of the Great Divine.

 After couple of days the Lingam's Eye form and expression changed more to a kind of an Egyptian Eye symbol. This remind us of the sacred Egyptian Eye of Horus.



Tomorrow (Tuesday 12th November 2019) is Full Moon and the solar anniversary of this miracle. 


There will be celebrations from 7pm including abhishek, bhajans, puja and Satsang with Kriyaji. 


If you would like to bring offerings please bring flowers, rose water, rice and fruits.


Please email the Office if you'd like to attend.