Kriyaji is a Self-Realised Yogi and Avatara.

She is the living embodiment of the Great Teachings and an Enlightened Master. The only way to catch a glimpse of Her consciousness is to be in Her Presence and feel the effect that occurs within you.




"We will be like the 'Rainbow Children of God,'

Shining the crystalline emblem of love

Throughout Creation."


~ Kriyaji 

 A glimpse taken from the LIVE TEACHING OF SHAMBHALA in 2011



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Kriyaji is an artist in every sense of the word; uniquely gifted as a musician, singer, healer, yoga master, divine teacher and painter. This exhibition showcases a selection of Her paintings, drawings, writings in graphic art, watercolour, Egyptian papyrus and ink work, dry brush art work, Light Language Parchments of Light and more.


Works are also available for purchase.


If you would like to attend the viewing please email the office and let us know when you are hoping to attend.




There are Teachings with Kriyaji on both dates as detailed below.

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Kriyaji is introducing a new Pranayama that has not been revealed before and which is not part of the previous sequence.


Pranayama is the science of the breath. There are many stages and levels of Pranayama, which are added in sequence as and when the student displays competence and ability. The practice starts with a modest demand on the student's time and ability and gradually increases as the body becomes accustomed to the effects of the breath as deeper states are experienced. Dedication is needed in this 'Royal Yoga.'


This Pranayama is different from the sequence taught till now. In order to take part it is necessary to have completed Level 1 parts one to four.



The Hrudaya Teaching incorporates profound spiritual sadhana, observation, yogic practices, mantra, meditation, drawing of yantras and advanced theory on karma, karma yoga and the overall understanding of Yoga and God.


The Hrudaya process puts into order all aspects of human behaviour. Light is shone over the understanding of true spirituality, as well as the purification of emotion and all elements of the human condition, and its expression in our day-to-day behaviour.


The process is nothing less than a total breakthrough of Divine consciousness into daily life. 




"The Hrudaya puja was beautiful. Kriyaji made the yantra from flowers and rice on the temple floor whilst we chanted the mantras and rang the bells. Kriyaji said it was the most powerful puja she had done. A sweet fragrance hung in the air for hours after the puja had finished..."



Over the last few years Kriyaji has given the world a new series of Rosaries, variations on the traditional form and has called this series a 'Garland of Rosaries'. They are wonderful sets of prayers for opening channels to the Divine, transmuting karma, and for helping and healing others and the world.


This is a new Venusian Rosary devoted to Lord Dijion.