Kriyaji is an enlightened and Self-Realised Divine being. 
A yogi and a master. A teacher of bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga. 


“The experience of the self in the settings of life continuity is relevant and irrelevant. It is only relevant for the learning minds craving for the knowledge of understanding. Does God need to know of the experience of each individual self? I AM the experience of the divine given to me. If the divine is limitable then the experience of the self is measured by the quantity of possibilities given at a certain time to fulfil, understand or conceptualize the experience of divinity. The divine in reality is immeasurable.”


~ Kriyaji




Murtis of God reside in the private Temple garden of Nithya Nilayam. Age, weather, condition, and materials have contributed to many small wooden temples decaying over the past couple of years. As a result of this Nithya Nilayam is undergoing a huge clearing and refurbishment.


There is a new murti (statue) of Hanuman arriving at Nithya Nilayam. His original temple structure has fallen apart and needs to be rebuilt. If anyone wishes to contribute towards Hanuman’s temple materials or Murti please donate here.