It is impossible to describe in words who Kriyaji is and the consciousness that She embodies. Kriyaji is an incarnation of God.


Teaching by example She shows us the Way, the Eternal Religion, the Sanatan Dharma, to bring us back to an awareness of the Divine, leading us back to God.


She is here to teach us how to live according to the Divine and Natural Laws of this Universe. Everyday, She reminds us how to live on Earth honouring and loving everyone and everything, and most importantly with God in our hearts and minds in every action.


But She is not just a teacher. She is the living embodiment of the Great Teachings. The only way to experience a tiny part of what She is, is to be in Her presence and to feel the transformation that occurs within you.


In Her presence the teachings of Hrudaya (the Divine Heart) are experienced as the Eternal Line, coming from the Living Heart, the Heart of God, touching each of us and lifting us from the darkness of the human condition.


Meeting Her is a meeting with Truth and Eternal Love. Kriyaji is a profound essence that floods the heart.



~ Written in unity, harmony and love by the disciples and devotees of Kriyaji.