Kriyaji is a composer, producer, sound engineer, vocalist, bass guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. She is a Master of Sound and an Enlightened Being. 


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"These sounds come from the other side of silence, pouring out of the sublime, out of the place of total safety. The music sings of a heavenly home, or voyages through remote galaxies, of the sea breaking on the sands of eternity."


~ A participant from Kriyaji's live sound healing



Star Galactica, CD

Space Journey, CD.

Temple of Shambhala, CD.Soothing, relaxing healing music dedicated to the Teachings and frequencies of the Sanat Kumara and the Shambhala Yogi. This music is suitable for meditation, healing and as a resource for therapists to use with their clients.


Angelliebeh, CD. Healing sounds from Kriyaji - very precious gifts of the Divine


meeting celestials, CD