The name Nithya Nilayam means "the Abode of Eternity.' A haven, a sacred space of divine peace and tranquillity, it is from here that Kriyaji fulfils Her Father's request to continue His Teachings and give them to the world. The form and the formless reside in every atom of this space - the Eternal Divine home. 





Nithya Nilayam has been dedicated to the spiritual evolution of Man. All who come here will find a warm welcome and sincere teaching. Although not an ashram, it serves as a place of spiritual purification, healing and education based on Kriyaji’s Teachings. Students often describe this place as a paradise on Earth.





"My House is the House of God


A house built on water will tend to sink,

A house built on fire will tend to burn,

A house built in the air will just fly away,

A house built on earth will last long,

But, a house built in regions of Light will last forever!"


~ Kriyaji 



Nithya Nilayam is a private temple. If you wish to visit Nithya Nilayam please contact the Office to arrange an appointment. You are welcome to come for an introductory visit and/or book a consultation, healing, workshop or class.