The below testimonials have been written by the disciples, devotees and students of Kriyaji



"To sit in the presence of Kriyaji and listen to the Great Teachings, hearing them spoken from the consciousness of one who has realised them is a deep and humbling honour, a mighty blessing. She is the jewel in the heart of God, embodying the teaching for our salvation, endlessly and tirelessly devoted to our evolution. My heart feels both heavy and light as I climb the ladder back to God. At times the journey feels tough but Her way is pure and light, her sacrifices uncountable and the depth of her understanding unfathomable to a mortal mind. The Lord whispers in her ear and she shares His Truth with us. I cannot comprehend the blessing this really is and know not how to honour Her enough. I hope that one day I can do justice to this experience, and pray I do my utmost to embody these sacred teachings. May She shine ever brighter, may Her way be smooth and Her Teachings deeply understood. I urge you, fall into Her Heart, for it is a bottomless well of Love, an ocean of mercy and forgiveness - open yourself to the freedom song and do the work of your Soul."


~ student



“My experience of karma yoga has brought me such an immense internal transformation. My perception has shifted and my social life and surrounding have changed. So many opportunities have fallen upon me. I got a better job and have much more interesting social network around me. 


I am so grateful to Kriyaji for allowing me to come before her as I was. I knew little about Karma yoga and I had so much arrogance and ignorance.


My arrogance, pride, ignorance and ego have diminished to a greater extent as I spent more time in karma yoga, although I do still have some level of negativity. Negativity will always come up from time to time in many different ways and forms as if it is trying to conceal itself. It is so easy to fall back in the state of blindness, to be taken over by darkness and to lose sight of beautiful things around me. Sometimes it is also a social situation which contains so much darkness that affects me. But I am trying to be present and alert as to my sense, my emotion, my feelings and my thoughts so that I will become aware of them. Karma Yoga and Kriyaji taught me what it means by ‘Be present, be aware and be alert’. My process to grow and evolve as a human being is still continuing.


During karma yoga, I learnt that the more I practise humility and humbleness through pranam (bowing) or any task of karma yoga, the more pleasant sensation runs through my body. It is like receiving blessing, healing and love. I can feel energy circulating in my chakras more clearly and my tripartite flames burning in my heart. Only after the intensive karma yoga did I truly become able to feel my tripartite flames. I had attended Hrudaya process class for a year and half before then, but it suddenly became clear to me that I had my Tripartite Flames burning inside my heart.


Karma yoga has brought out unpleasant memories and emotions from my past followed by pains, discomfort in my chest and throat and headache.  I had unhealed emotions, unresolved anger, jealousy, dislike, sad memories, pride, self-pity, arrogance, ego, mind-conditioning, reactive mind-patterns, structured belief systems and more. No wonder I was suffering without knowing why and suffocating myself with full of negativity.  Knowing how much negativity I was carrying, I probably became able to understand other people and have more compassion toward them. So many people carry their ‘stuff’ without being aware and knowing how to dissolve. To dissolve negativity, it would take  for one (i) to become aware of the existence, (ii) to have willingness to dissolve and (iii) to make effort in doing so, which is relatively hard to do in everyday life because daily life is mixed with other people’s karma, reactive patterns and other tricky issues.


Whereas practising karma yoga for myself was so much simpler and straight forward, I  just needed to face my own stuff. The process of dissolving my negativity was that I first become aware of them, then analyse and understand how I come to have them. I then let them go; let them transmute as I pray to Gods while working on karma yoga.  As my negativity dissolved, my pain and discomfort had disappeared.   


Sometimes karma yoga tasks are not so easy and would require a lot of patience, precision, focus and most importantly a sense of responsibility. But no one asks to do any of tasks. It is for one’s own benefit to challenge oneself, discover one’s own capabilities and know that a better version of oneself exists. The process has freed me from my old-self and I became more content with who I am.  But at the same time I have more willingness to keep challenging myself and improve myself for better use and for good cause in this world.  


I am still in the process of evolving and still have so much room to improve. There seems always hard time in life no matter how much negativity I have dissolved. Challenges are endless in the journey of life. But I feel stronger connection with Gods and know that Gods and angels are guiding me. I have more faith even when I have no idea where my life is heading to. I have a sense of peace that gives me comfort of knowing that everything will be fine in the end. Working in a commercial environment in a big city, I do lose myself in chaotic city life-style from time to time. But I know that I just need to return to karma yoga and Kriyaji’s teaching, to ground myself and to restore peace inside me.


I am so grateful to Kriyaji for giving me all the opportunities and guidance, her disciples and the fellow students who have supported me as well.”


~ student 



"In Kriyaji’s presence I feel the profound sense of coming home, a space of overwhelming perfection, a place of unbridled joy and love. She is the revealing of Truth, a glimpse of hitherto quixotic dreamscapes, a path through the forest of my entanglements and lower consciousness to the horizon of Light beyond. She is that long-wished-for sunspace, the breaking of morning burning my humdrum existence with the fire of revelation and love. I’m utterly magnetised, Her being makes me melt, Her embodiment of the Teachings slip effortlessly across the space to me, and the complexity falls away with the breath of silence on the tails of the retreating shadows. Incomprehensibly multifaceted and nothing at the same time, each word spoken resonating fully to my heart and every fabric of my being. Time slips through my fingers and life sings its arching melodies to me in ways my essence wishes to experience for Eternity. Harmonious, and still, as the Light effortlessly glides through the stilted folds of my flesh. My heart quivers, such moments are forever in Her presence... bliss."


~ disciple



"Kriyaji's voice is unique. It is a tool finely tuned to send whichever healing frequencies are needed to the right person but it is not clinical - rather She sings in a Divine language like a child playing on the beach of Eternity." 


~ Andrew - disciple



''The languages are so beautiful and the harmonies so precise and melodious, I get transported to another time and space in Kriyaji's voice and musicality with the instruments and healing vibrations...1 hour passes as if 10 minutes, the relaxation is deep and moving, I awake transformed.'' 


~ student & devotee



"A unique and powerful experience receiving sound healing through Kriyaji's Divine voice and Her delicate use of instruments works profoundly on relieving stress and negativity accumulated in daily life."


~ student & devotee



"Having spent many hours listening to Kriyaji's sound healing CD over recent months and the amazing effect it had on me, to then experience sound healing live again last week was a reminder of how the live experience is so much more, so profoundly transformative being in the presence of Her voice."


~ disciple


"The thick dense reality seems to collapse and a new higher - far from the unknown - consciousness emerges within the environment, within myself, feeling my whole body vibrating and re-calibrating to a harmonious state of being. Even the dense matter, walls etc are positively affected, giving you the impression of a divine intervention and healing happening within the whole tangible reality. Not really enough accurate words to describe the overall effect as average human consciousness is not expanded to such an extend that could imprint and realise the whole spectrum of sound healing effect within the incarnated Soul."

~ student



''If ever I have the chance to attend one of these ceremonies during my Karma Yoga days at Nithya Nilayam, whether it be a daily Aarti (offering of light) given by Kriyaji to the Gods or Vedic Fire ceremony with the visiting priests including Abhishek and other rituals to one or many of the resident Gods at Nithya Nilayam, I am always blessed to be part of it. All my worries melt away, tiredness dissipates and I feel refreshed and vibrantly alive with the rituals I witness here. I may not see the presence of the Deity in any other form than the beauty of the Murti in front of me, but I can feel the Spirit that lifts and lightens me, changes me for the better and moves me to a greater connection with this world and other worlds effortlessly on the wings of the chants, prayers and presence of Kriyaji and the visiting Priests. A pleasure and joy that I hope many will bear witness to now and in the future. Om Namah Shivaya.'' 


~ Mithila - student & devptee



"The Hrudaya puja was beautiful. Kriyaji made the yantra from flowers and rice on the temple floor whilst we chanted the mantras and rang the bells. Kriyaji said it was the most powerful puja she had done. A sweet fragrance hung in the air for hours after the puja had finished..." 


~ disciple


“The sequence of movements Kriyaji gave me to practice was not very difficult, although I did not recognise some of them. Kriyaji was very precise in how I was to perform the sequence. After it was over, a sense of peace and bliss came over me that was so profound, I could not understand how this simple sequence could create such a result.”


~ student