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Please book at least 24 hours in advance



Please email the office to book a distant healing for yourself or for your friends and family. For more information please click on "Sound Healing / Distant Healing" in the left-hand menu




Kriyaji is a qualified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Stress Consultant as well as Hatha Yoga teacher, Tai-Chi Teacher. People come to Her with a large spectrum of ailments - physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.


Kriyaji uses the healing technique best suited to the client but without any physical contact. Being in Kriyaji's presence is enough to begin the healing process. The session may also be used for a consultation or guidance on spiritual practice.




Sound Healing

Spiritual healing

Reiki Healing

Distant healing


Yogic teachings

Kriya Yoga 

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Aura reading

Stress consultancy

Handwriting analysis

Personal Yantras


For information about the subjects of Kriyaji's workshops, courses, classes and satsang please click on "Teachings" and then "The Great Teachings" & "Yogic Teachings" in the left-hand menu.




Before your first appointment at the Healing Clinic, you will be asked to fill in a confidential registration form before arriving at Nithya Nilayam. It will be sent to you via email to fill in, print off and bring with you on the day of your healing session. The registration form will ask for some brief personal details and medical history.


On seeing Kriyaji, there will be some discussion of your situation before healing commences. After it is over, there is the opportunity for further discussion and planning follow up sessions if necessary. The healing sessions vary according to need.




Many people are uncertain which healing technique to choose. We recommend leaving this decision to Kriyaji as She will give you what you need for your best treatment. It is rare and almost unheard of for her to use physical touch however.


The patient is recommended to wear light coloured comfortable clothing. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment.


Kriyaji does not receive clients during their menstrual cycle. If necessary you can change your appointment.


Kriyaji suggests that even if you're in a state of good health, it is advisable to receive healing two or three times a year in order to maintain health, balance and alignment.


Please remember that healing is eminently suitable not just for physical ailments but also for mental and emotional imbalances.


When booking please email with your preferred time slot during a specified Healing Clinic session. We will do our best to accommodate your time preferences but due to other appointments this may not always be possible. You are welcome to enquire and write to the office to book healings outside of any advertised Healing Clinic and if possible we will accommodate you.


You may book a Distant Healing if you are unable to attend the Healing Clinic in person or at any time. The cost for distant healing is £35. For more information please see the left-hand menu.


If you are booking at a concession rate for any healings, consultations, workshops or classes please provide a copy of the appropriate paperwork e.g. unemployment certificates etc.


A package of three 30 minutes healing sessions may also be purchased under the "Consultations, Healings & Guidance" left-hand menu. The bundle must be used within one year of from the date of purchase.