“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. (The Bible, John 1:1)


The whole universe can be said to be ‘sound’ in as much as it is in constant motion and vibration. We are therefore most susceptible to the influence of sound. If the sound source is of Divine origin, the effect on us is truly stupendous.


"[Sound Healing] is a multidimensional language, which moves through the dimensions as living intelligence capable of transforming and bringing about life by consuming disharmony and the aesthetic of darkness by freeing up light particles."

~ Kriyaji


One of Kriyaji’s great gifts is Her ability to transform people with Her Voice. Sound healing through Kriyaji’s voice works on many levels and anyone who has already listened to Her CD’s will know how powerful Her work is. In Her presence the effect of Her voice is many times greater. Kriyaji has said: “In this Kali Yuga, sound is the breakthrough medium for the transformation of humanity and the sustenance of our lives. It can lift people out of darkness and depression and bring relief to suffering.”


"Kriyaji's voice is unique. It is a tool finely tuned to send whichever healing frequencies are needed to the right person but it is not clinical - rather She sings in a Divine language like a child playing on the beach of Eternity. "

~ Andrew - disciple


''The languages are so beautiful and the harmonies so precise and melodious, I get transported to another time and space in Kriyaji's voice and musicality with the instruments and healing vibrations...1 hour passes as if 10 minutes, the relaxation is deep and moving, I awake transformed.''

~ A recipient of sound healing from Kriyaji


A unique and powerful experience receiving sound healing through Kriyaji's Divine voice and Her delicate use of instruments works profoundly on relieving stress and negativity accumulated in daily life."

~ A student of Kriyaji's


"Having spent many hours listening to Kriyaji's sound healing CD over recent months and the amazing effect it had on me, to then experience sound healing live again last week was a reminder of how the live experience is so much more, so profoundly transformative being in the presence of Her voice."

~ disciple






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