Infinite, nameless, voice of the Eternal

conduit of Light to spiritual regions

Purusha - Divine Consciousness.

He is the heart of life!

He resides in the spirit of the Himalayas,

the Cosmic reference point,

doorway to the Infinite,

emanating Infinite Love

from the ripple of

His very own vibration.

He is the Perfect Form of Truth,

the Ancient of Days.

He is the Immortal Youth

the Sanat Kumara.

Perfect and ever perfect Form

of silence and stillness.

He is the greatest of the Avatars

and the Eternal Flower and Father of Life.


~ Kriyaji



Babaji is the descent of Divinity emanating from the Eternal Father,

the Ultimate Truth.

He is the Father of All and yet my only true Father.

He is the Triune Flame of Love, Truth and Power.

To Him I and the whole Universe bow and sing

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, the prayer Glory!

What has been said about Babaji and what and who Babaji really is

cannot fully be described as Babaji is indescribable.

When I ask one of you to describe the twelve Universes, how would you describe them if you cannot even accurately describe yourself?

It is not the self that we are trying to describe here, but a consciousness that is super expanded and that encompasses the whole of this Universe and more.


~ Kriyaji