Karma Yoga is a form of discipline that involves deep devotion towards God and others. It is a much deeper form of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of devotion).


Selfless service towards God is the essential requirement for the yogi in order to fulfil God's desire in any areas that the Almighty may wishes us to engage in. It is the transcendence of negative karma into positive karma. By practicing Karma Yoga we are more able to dissolve much negativity.


"I AM of Service" is Karma Yoga

~ Kriyaji


Kriyaji runs regular classes on Karma Yoga. The lessons are highly educative in all areas of general life and work. The theory and the practical teaching of Karma Yoga discipline are fully explained.


Karma yoga is an educational program for all ages as well as a way of life. 


'We are living in the absence of illusions'